Ashley is civil parish found in the lower west part of England. The population lies close to 500, and is home to the church of St John the Baptist. The church boasts an original 17th century tower, which is just a compliment to the heavily gothic church styles and architectural flare that was around the time the church was built.


Four miles east of Newmarket lays Ashley in Cambridgeshire, the civil parish shire is home to almost 600 people who help run the post office and corner store.

The local pub and restaurant boasts a cultural flavour and traditional English food.

The public footpaths take you on a tour around the local area on foot, the area has its own pond in the centre of town which entices the locals to sit by it and appreciate the Wavier Pond on clear days.

Ashley in Altrincham is in reasonably close proximity to the Manchester airport. The area however is not densely populated and refers to a small and quaint area of Manchester, built for a quiet village lifestyle, away from the heavily city influenced areas.

Market HarboroughIn Market Harborough lies the elongated suburban town of Ashley, decorated with small townhouses for young families, as well as theclose by shopping district with supermarkets and small arts and crafts type shops and stalls.

The area is just another popular area to stay when wishing for a quiet weekend away, with several bed and breakfasts scattered across the village.

The cattle and livestock market once a major meeting place in the towns centre has moved to a more rural setting just outside of the town between the villages of Foxton and Lubenham.